Ye Ole Survey Monuments (GC45CC) was a travelling geocache that is owned by outforthehunt. The cache moved around the country and you could be looking for a specific survey monument, pillar, surface block, rivet or bolt. As each location was a unique place multiple logs were allowed. This was true until it was archived by Groundspeak in 2017. However, the locations can still be visited and those visits logged on the Memorial Cache (see below). The interactive map at the bottom of the page and the downloads available in the resources section should help you find the nearest ones to you.
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Different cachers:
Cachers logging more than one find:  
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Monument found most times:

Missing YOSMs The following YOSMs are either missing or inaccessible. Please do not attempt to find (or log) them.
YSM0077 - has a playground on top of it.
YSM0139 - access problems - see logs for details.
YSM0217 - the farmer has not given permission for access.
YSM0349 - under asphalt.
YSM0362 - under asphalt.
YSM0452 - disturbed by construction work in March 2012.
YSM0483 - under concrete.

How to record your visit Unfortunately it is no longer possible to record visits to the YOSMs on the GC44CC cache.
Visits should now be made on the Ye Ole Survey Monuments Memorial Cache (GC76962) via a 'Write Note' log in this format:

Found (- these must be the first five characters)
YSM0xxx Name (mandatory - note the number now has 4 digits)
D/T a.b/c.d (optional)
Comments & Photo (mandatory)

For example;

Found YSM0001 Failand
D/T 1.5/1
We found this on a ...........

Difficulty and Terrain ratings We are collecting Difficulty and Terrain ratings for the individual monuments. To participate just include your ratings in your log, e.g. D/T 1/2. An example log can be found here.

New YOSM Nominations If you would like to nominate a new YOSM please send the following information to

Put the trigpoint name (from trigpointingUK.) as the subject.

TP number from trigpointingUK.
Supporting comments - e.g. nice view, good walk, significant something.
Timing - is it for an event etc.
Will you be placing a physical cache in the vacinity?

We will be in touch in due course.
statpic sample 'Statpics' showing your finds and ranking are now available. See the Utilities page for details.
GAGB Lab Cache

In August 2019 Geocaching Association of Great Britain (GAGB) have created a Adventure Lab Cache in tribute to the original YOSM series, which was archived by Groundspeak in 2017. The GAGB's new Adventure Lab takes you to the 10 most visited YOSM locations. If you complete all of the stages in person, then you will have travelled the length and breadth of Great Britain. Good Luck!

The ten locations are:

YSM0223 Woodhenge

YSM0269 The Ring

YSM0272 Blorenge

YSM0300 Brimham Rocks

YSM0348 Brean Down

YSM0385 Kinnoull Hill

YSM0415 Flax Bourton (R)

YSM0540 Pittern Hill

YSM0598 Snowdon Summit

YSM0623 Mersea Gun Emplacement

You can view the Adventure Lab here.

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