Ye Ole Survey Monuments (GC45CC) is a travelling geocache that is owned by outforthehunt. The cache moves around the country and you could be looking for a specific survey monument, pillar, surface block, rivet or bolt. Unlike conventional geocaches, with this cache you need to record the co-ordinates you find and make a note of them on your log. You can also add pictures and any other details you want. The interactive map at the bottom of the page and the downloads available in the resources section should help you find the nearest ones to you.
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Different cachers:
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Missing YOSMs The following YOSMs are either missing or inaccessible. Please do not attempt to find (or log) them.
YSM077 - has a playground on top of it.
YSM139 - access problems - see logs for details.
YSM217 - the farmer has not given permission for access.
YSM349 - under asphalt.
YSM362 - under asphalt.
YSM452 - disturbed by construction work in March 2012.
YSM483 - under concrete.

Groundspeak Logging Changes Following implementation of the logging changes preventing multiple 'Found It' logs being recorded on this cache it will be possible to record your finds via a 'Write note' log and have them included in the statistics.
To accomplish this you will need to follow this format for the 'Write note' log:

Found it (- these must be the first eight characters)
YSMxxx Name (mandatory)
D/T a.b/c.d (optional)

Essentially this is the same format as for the current 'Found it' logs but with the words 'Found it' at the start. For example;

Found it
YSM001 Failand
D/T 1.5/1
We found this on a ...........

Difficulty and Terrain ratings We are collecting Difficulty and Terrain ratings for the individual monuments. To participate just include your ratings in your log, e.g. D/T 1/2. An example log can be found here.

Missing YSM numbers The accuracy of some of the charts and maps has been reduced because the monument visited could not be identified. Please include the YSMxxx number in your future logs and, if possible, edit previous logs if they do not have the YSMxxx number.
There are   logs where the YSM number could not be determined. A list of these can be downloaded here in Excel format.
statpic sample 'Statpics' showing your finds and ranking are now available. See the Utilities page for details.


Key:     Pillar image Pillar     Rivet image Rivet or Bolt     FBM image FBM     Surface Block image Block (Surface or Buried), Berntsen, Other     Unknown image Unknown or Missing

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